why kaduna

Effective Governance


With the new administration’s pedigree and economic agenda, Kaduna is determined to make the state the safest haven for investments through the implementation of  excellent policies. The State’s Investment Promotion Agency (KADIPA) – a one- stop shop is adequately empowered to facilitate investments and provide aftercare services.

Raw Materials Availability


Kaduna has vast agricultural land suited for all forms of agriculture and has abundant mineral resources ready for exploitation.

Skilled Workforce


Young population, complimented by the availability of educational & training institutions and government’s deliberate effort to have a pool of skilled labor force for the industries.

Gateway to Northern Nigeria

A natural bridge between the 19 Northern States, thus creating an efficient and cost effective outlet to major markets providing access to about 90 million customers in Nigeria.

Effective Land Management System

Provides efficient access to land information. Fast tracks land procurement process making it hassle free. Helps in identifying most ideal sites and locations for your business.