power & energy


Like every other Nigerian States, Kaduna is currently facing an energy shortage.  A situation which is affecting residences, industries and offices in the State.  Power Supply to the State ranges between 160MW and 350MW  (View source ). This is ridiculously low compared to the State’s power requirement of 1,971mw.

 The State Government is committed to tackling the power shortage challenges experienced in the State through sustained partnerships with the private sector and the regulatory agencies of the Federal Government.


Success Stories


Anjeed Kafanchan Solar Limited, a subsidiary of Anjeed Innova Group India recently signed a Power Purchase Agreement with the Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading Company for their 100MW solar plant situated in Kaduna State. The 100MW plant will reduce the power deficit Nigeria is currently facing.


Quaint Abiba is an energy company with headquarters in the United States. HAving signed a PPA agreement with NBET, the company is forging ahead with its 50MW solar energy generating plant in Kaduna State.


In its bid to expand its business into the African market, Skipper Seil, an Indian based energy firm has signed a MOU with the Kaduna State Government for the establishment of a 100 MW solar generating plant in the State. The MOU also entails the production of electricity transformers and accessories for the State.


Power is pivotal to the industrial growth of Kaduna State and Nigeria as a whole. Nigeria currently has a power deficit in excess of 40,000MW. Tremendous opportunities exist for investors to tap into this by generating power for the National Grid.  Specifically, Kaduna State will support investors in the following:

  • Establishment of solar generating  plants
  • Establishment of bio-fuel powered generating  plants
  • Establishment of factories for the manufacture of electrical equipment such as transformers, meters,  wires, e.t.c.
  • Establishment of electrical services outsourcing firms.