Agriculture is the mainstay of the Kaduna economy accounting for about 85% of the State’s GDP with more than 50% of the population actively engaged in agricultural related activities. Cash and food crops such as yam, cotton, groundnut, tobacco, maize, beans, guinea corn, millet, ginger, rice and cassava are cultivated in large quantities. Livestock and fisheries also have very high potentials in the State.


Case Studies:


Vicampro is an indigenous potato production and manufacturing company with headquarters in Jos Nigeria. Leveraging on the  agricultural potentials of the State,  The State is establishing the largest potato processing factory in Kaduna State. The factory will be supported by a 10,000ha potato farm in Manchok area of the State, providing more than 30,000 jobs. More….

Olam Nigeria is  one of Nigeria’s leading  investors in the agricultural sector. Recently, it did the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of USD150million poultry feed mill in Kaduna State. The decision of the company further affirms the friendly business environment in the State.  More… 


The State has about 2.45million ha of uncultivated land with abundant water resources to support commercial farming, livestock and fishery businesses.

Investors are welcome to take advantage of the agricultural potentials of the State. Establishment of agro-processing plants and related industries (such as tanneries, dairy plants, food packaging and processing plants, beverage industries, oil mills, e.t.c) will be fully supported by the State’s vibrant workforce.