See Agro-allied investment oppurtunities in the State


Worth: $21,405,420.44

Description: Nigeria is the largest producer of Soybean in West Africa, with approximately 680,000MT of soybean production and imports about 120,000MT annually. Kaduna produces more than 27% of the country’s soya bean, making it the second-largest producer after Benue State. Production stood at 61,552 tonnes, with six medium-sized oil mills processing the beans.

Location: Kaduna North and Kaduna South

Job Creation: 75,000

Worth: $2,700,000,000.00

Description: Kaduna State is the largest producer of ginger in Nigeria and Africa, while Nigeria is the World’s second largest producer of ginger with a share value of about 16% after India with a production share of 33.9%. The State account for more than 60% of Nigeria total harvest. Kaduna ginger is known in the international market for its quality and highly medicinal value. Specifically, its aroma, purgency, high oil and Aleoresin content are other distinct features of Kaduna ginger.

Location: Kachia, Jaba, Kagarko, Jema'a LGAs

Job Creation: 100,000

Worth: $3,000,000,00.00

Description: Kaduna State is a major producer of tomato in Nigeria, cultivating almost 800,000 tonnes of tomatoes valued at N7.2bn, and providing tomatoes to some 5m customers in the State and beyond. There is estimated potential of over 1m tonnes of output in the dry season and 666,000 tonnes in the wet season. Nigeria is ranked 14th in tomato production in the world and second in Africa.

Location: Makarfi, Soba, Lere, Ikara, Kubau, Soba, Kudan, Zaria, Igabi, Giwa, Sabon Gari, Kudan LGAs

Job Creation: 82,000


See Mining investment oppurtunities in the State

Solid Minerals

Worth: $700,000,000.00

Description: Kaduna State is endowed with significant quantities and varieties of mineral resources, with deposits in all 23 LGAs. There are at least 85 mineral exploration licences, 40 quarry licences, 15 mining companies. Some of the solid mineral deposits in Kaduna that are available in commercial quantities include gemstones, industrial minerals, gold, cassiterite, tantalite, wolframite, columbite, manganese, molybdenum, lithium and nickel. However, most of the resources have remained underexplored and unexploited.

Location: Birnin Gwari, Sanga, Zangon Kataf, Ikara, Jama'a, Zaria, Kachia, Kaura, Jaba, Kajuru LGAs

Job Creation: 35,000

Worth: $600,000,000,000.00

Description: The discovery of Nickel deposits spanning 20 km could see the country’s production capacity increased significantly, government has already shown commitment to raise its capacity to meet the country’s annual steel demand of 6.8 metric tons. Nickel is sold primarily for first use as refined metal in manufacturing of many other alloys, while about 65 per cent of it is consumed in the west. Nickel is the main material for the production of batteries in electric cars and energy storage from solar and wind power generation. With the drive by the world governments towards a pollution-free future, nickel appears to be that future. At the moment, Nigeria’s current output of Nickel is below 2.5 metric tons per annum, produced mainly from scrap irons.

Location: Dangoma and Bakin Kogi in the Jema’a local Government area (LGA) Kaduna State.

Job Creation: 312,500


See Housing investment oppurtunities in the State

Mass Housing Estate

Worth: $$3,665,689,120.00

Description: Join KADIPA in unlocking N1.16 trillion market opportunity in the affordable housing scheme initiative of Kaduna State government with optimal Returns on Investment for the investor. It is estimated that there is a housing deficit in Kaduna State to the tune of 700,000 houses.

Location: Kaduna State

Job Creation: 20,000 both direct and indirect

Waste to Wealth

See Waste to Wealth investment oppurtunities in the State

Recycle Waste

Worth: $N386,000,000,000.00

Description: Kaduna State generates more than 240 tons of waste per day, plastics (10%), Paper (8%), metals (5%), organic waste (54%), non-degradable waste (12.4%) and over (4.2%) of biodegradable waste per day. Over 10,000 collectors receive N50 per kilogram of waste generated. Only 5% of collected waste streams are recycled. Market size of over N130 million monthly.

Location: Kaduna State

Job Creation: 150,000

Oil Gas and Power

See Oil Gas and Power investment oppurtunities in the State

Renewable Energy

Worth: $31,000,000,000.00

Description: Kaduna State has one of the highest potentials for renewable energy in Nigeria, there is energy demand of over (787.21MW), while supply is slightly above or below (389MW), there is a gap of between (398.21MW) and above. Investment opportunities in, Mini-grids (US $3Bn), Solar Home systems SHS (US $3.3Bn), Captive power (US $8 -15Bn), Biomass power, Hydro Power, Wind Power (US $10Bn)

Location: Kaduna State

Job Creation: 120,000
Natural Gas

Worth: $$30,000,000.00

Description: Invest Kaduna, join KADIPA in unlocking 188 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of Nigeria abundant natural gas. In Kaduna alone over 3 million jobs were lost due to power crisis and closure of textiles industries. Investment in the gas sector will support the development of petrochemicals, fertilizer, methanol, and other gas based industries that will generate over one million jobs and facilitate balanced economic growth.

Location: Kaduna State

Job Creation: over 1,000,000


See Manufacturing investment oppurtunities in the State

Textiles Industry

Worth: $4,000,000,000:0

Description: Kaduna was one of the main sites of the once thriving Nigeria textiles industry, revive & invest in moribund textile industries, modernize the existing textile production factories, invest in the development of integrated textile park, invest in the production and distribution of improved cotton seeds. Naturally endowed with arable vast land for cotton farming and produces 36% of Nigeria’s cotton.

Location: Kaduna, Kaduna State.

Job Creation: 70,000
Car Manufacturing

Worth: $$150,000,000:00

Description: Invest Kaduna, invest in car manufacturing business, you will make a lot of money, it’s an investment in your future, there will always be a market for cars, you’ll have investments for posterity, and you’ll have collateral for loans if the need should ever arise.

Location: Kaduna State

Job Creation: 500 direct jobs